Wedding Registry Policy

  • Your gift card is money. You are responsible for keeping up with the cards. You must have the cards with you to make the exchange. For inventory purposes, we request cards be redeemed, either in person or by mail, within 3 months. Credit must be used within one year from the date of your wedding.

  • Gifts are only taxed at the time of purchase. Returns and/or redeemed gift cards are considered to be an even exchange of merchandise and are a non-taxable activity.

  • Gift cards are redeemable for the item listed on the gift card or store credit only.

  • Special Orders are non-refundable. This includes items ordered from gift cards.

  • Some items found at Lewis Gifts are unique. Therefore, not all items will be in stock at all times.

  • Remember to update your registry often. The product mix at Lewis Gifts is dynamic and changes daily. It is especially important to visit us before parties and showers.

  • To insure personal attention an appointment is requested for returns. All items returned need the Lewis’ Gifts Proof of Purchase sticker on them.

  • One month after your event, you will receive an invitation to participate in the Completion Program. The Completion Program allows you to receive a 10% discount on a one-time purchase to complete your tabletop registry, only after all credit has been used entirely.

  • If an item is not in stock, all couples are members of our gift card program and a gift card will be sent. To check stock status before purchase you may call 1-844-995-3947.